Tuesday, August 18, 2009


How I miss gossip girl.
I miss it alot. alot alot.
I heard this season Hilary duff was gonna come on (eww) for awhile and become Dan's love interest that makes... wait for it. Vanessa jealous and then she leaves... Hmm. I really can't wait to watch it so I can see what evil thing Georgina wants to do to Blaire. I love her. I love everyone on that show. Except maybe for Jenny and Vanessa. OH and Nelli Yuki and that bitch with the brown hair thats like the wanna be Blair. I also don't like Dan. Hes just. Eww. OHHH. And Serena's dad. Can't wait for that. Especially since her mom kicked his ass at a party YEARS ago, I wonder when they hooked up. And is that Erics father as well? What are you looking forward too? I want to see Nate get with this totally hot ballerina named Aly. *hint hint* ;]

THIS. Is a settie I made for the amazing TV show. I wonder if our parents felt like this with a show when they were children... Like maybe for the brady bunch? Ohh, cause the fact that a MARRIED COUPLE made out and had 6 children. WOO. thats soo much drama I just can't stand. OH MY GOD. You know what I heard. Well, saw. On TV. It said the dad, he was GAY. AWKWARDD. Well, I can't say I'm that surprised, I watched it once and he looked like he was wearing eyeliner. Okay.
I'm gonna stop rambling cause I moved on to a totally different subject. And if your still reading. Wow.


  1. haha, the brady bunch? i love your amusing rambling. i don't watch gossip girl. o_0

    I know.

  2. LMAO. Yes, my rambles are really awesome.