Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chanel Fall 2009=LOVE

OH MY LORD. I love this, its soo amazing.
Tweed jackets, knit blazers, this London based line is absolutely perfect for fall and breath-takingly gorgeous.
I loved the floral print stockings and the lace up shoes. The double breasted jackets were glorious and I couldn't just choose my top 3 favorites.

My favoritist outfit of all?


  1. omg loved that show. Sat first row... I could see all the amazing and intricate details. That's why I love Chanel so much... just because the clothes are simple doesn't mean they sould be lacing in well-made details

  2. Hahaha, the last one is very you, oh gothic princess. I'm really jealous of Marsey, how does she get into all these fashion shows? HMF. haha. I'm so glad Chanel went for something luxurious but practical.. unlike that feathered Givenchy piece I saw on someone elses blog. o_o