Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Aly's Weekend Update.

So this week was... interesting. Sitting in a car for 6 hours to go to your grandpa's staying up late watching skins with your far away BFF and then TRYING to wake up to sleep in a car for the next 3 hours to go to a lake that I still don't know what the name is...
hmm. Well that was, in a nutshell my weekend.
The lake was fun, at least there I didn't have to hear about my friends creeperish bff who was convinced that I was her, OH and did I mention the fact that hes unemployed and like 23? Dating a 15 year old. Weird.
But I still love her but she didn't feel like talking about her illegal bf with my dad. haha.
So we went to visit my Aunt Teresa who literally had THE tineiest tinyest cabin in all the land. Ever. It was weird ya know? Then we went out on my uncles fishing boat and I sat on the front of the boat with my friend so we can tan and be away from all the guys. So everything was fine and fun and it was a bit of a bumpy ride until my UNCLE turned away from the wheel to grab a beer and the boat went haywire and me and my friend hit like a gazillion BIG bumps and we almost fell off the boat. Ughh. anyways... we had fun... after we didn't die.

how was your weekend?

I'm bored so i think i'll post one of my entries from the Marc by Marc Jacobs Chairlift contest. I swear I love that man.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Can't wait for the VMA's!!!

I'm actually excited for the VMA's this year. Usually I don't really care. But this year they caught my attention using SOOONNGGG!!!
Watch this video and you'd agree. The VMA's are gonna be kick ass this year.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall TV

Sorry for not posting in awhile loves, I was really busy over the weekend.
Anyways, I just finished watching Alexa Chung and am excited out of my mind for the NEW TV shows coming out this fall.
Firstly The Beautiful Life = <3333
I call. This show has MISCHA and Sara Paxton. Two stars I love. OOH and Zac Posen makes an appearance.

Another show I'm looking forward too?
Melrose place. Not that a TV show starring Ashley Simpson looks exactly attractive, but. Meh. Katie Cassidy makes up for it. :D
Show I'm NOT looking forward too? GLEE.
Talk about DUMB. I saw the commercial for it and I thought it was just dumb looking. Who cares?! Right?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chanel Fall 2009=LOVE

OH MY LORD. I love this, its soo amazing.
Tweed jackets, knit blazers, this London based line is absolutely perfect for fall and breath-takingly gorgeous.
I loved the floral print stockings and the lace up shoes. The double breasted jackets were glorious and I couldn't just choose my top 3 favorites.

My favoritist outfit of all?

Christian Dior 09

The Fall 2009 Couture collection was very... interesting. While some pieces were a major hit, some... were a miss. The wedding themed line was very colorful and was many times accented with floral pieces and cute prints and patterns. I thought the line was very vintage and cute, and even though it isn't exactly my style I still think the designers did a fantastic job.

These are my favorite pieces:

Fall Trends

With the fall and 80's styles coming back, so are denim jackets. Personally, I'm not exactly favorable about them... Like just jeans and a denim jacket? It looks like you got stuck in West Virginia 10 years back. Now I know that jeans and jean jackets were infact the intended way to wear them, but I like wearing them to sort of, dress DOWN an outfit, or accesorize an outfit when theres nothing else to do with it. Like, a cute top and a skirt, but you feel too generic so HERE throw on a jean jacket, I like the cropped ones too, they kinda go along with the fall/summer thing, so its not like your jumping too much into fall, even though I love fall. (MY BIRTHDAYY HELL YEAH)

Another fashion I like? Well, this isn't exactly a fall trend but more like a 2009 trend, but I adore zipper leggings/pants, I think they're hot and cute. I got some adorable ones at Henri Bendel and they had them in all different colors but I ADORE Balmains motorcross zipper pants, talk about hot. They're amazing. Now, I'd buy a bike JUST to wear those, okay. maybe I won't. Cause I can't ride a bike. But I can get a hot guy to drive it and I can hang on and be in the back and hang on :]
BUT I WON'T GET A TRAMP STAMP. Like most of those girls do. I hate those, when you get old it gets all soggy and nasty. haha. Anyways, what was I talking about?! OHH. FASHION! YES!

Hmm. I like vests alot this year. I think they'll be in. I like them because, like denim jackets they play up an outfit, make them cute and fun. And really. Thats all I have to say. haha

xo Aly

The Strokes What Ever Happened.

Probably my favoritist song ever.
It gave me my favorite lyrics
I wanna be forgotten and I don't wanna be reminded.

I found this song in Sofia Copolla's Marie Antoinette, and its on my playlist, but I decided to post this live video of them playing the AMAZINGGG song. I love it cause the singers drunk and he's a HORRIBLE dancer. haha. enjoy.


How I miss gossip girl.
I miss it alot. alot alot.
I heard this season Hilary duff was gonna come on (eww) for awhile and become Dan's love interest that makes... wait for it. Vanessa jealous and then she leaves... Hmm. I really can't wait to watch it so I can see what evil thing Georgina wants to do to Blaire. I love her. I love everyone on that show. Except maybe for Jenny and Vanessa. OH and Nelli Yuki and that bitch with the brown hair thats like the wanna be Blair. I also don't like Dan. Hes just. Eww. OHHH. And Serena's dad. Can't wait for that. Especially since her mom kicked his ass at a party YEARS ago, I wonder when they hooked up. And is that Erics father as well? What are you looking forward too? I want to see Nate get with this totally hot ballerina named Aly. *hint hint* ;]

THIS. Is a settie I made for the amazing TV show. I wonder if our parents felt like this with a show when they were children... Like maybe for the brady bunch? Ohh, cause the fact that a MARRIED COUPLE made out and had 6 children. WOO. thats soo much drama I just can't stand. OH MY GOD. You know what I heard. Well, saw. On TV. It said the dad, he was GAY. AWKWARDD. Well, I can't say I'm that surprised, I watched it once and he looked like he was wearing eyeliner. Okay.
I'm gonna stop rambling cause I moved on to a totally different subject. And if your still reading. Wow.


Everytime I see these shoes I can't help but swoon. I don't say it often but I really adore YSL. Its so inventive and creative, and just damn awesome. Y-mail bags stole my heart the moment I saw it and when I went to rodeo this summer I knew I had to have it. But if I had a choice piece from Yves Saint Laurent its defiently these cage boots, they're so cute and I've seen them on almost everyone from Sasha Pivonora to Paris Hilton. So maybe I forgot to add YSL to my favorite brands list, but I dedicate to them a whole blog post ;]

Oh thats my boyfriends shirt.

Wandering around the city I walked into American Apparel, I've been in there before and its okay, I like it and I have a few leggings and bathing suits from there but one thing in particular caught my eye and it was this adorable dress/shirt. I love the boy shirt style but this takes it to another level, its not only cute and stylish but surprisingly cheap, but thats american apparel, I got it in blue stripes and when I got home my dad asked me where I had been shopping with a perplexed look on his face. haha. I know he liked it though.

Fabulous Forties

What decade inspires me most? The forties/fifties definetly inspire me, not only the fashion but the lifestyle, women only had four pairs of shoes at most. Thats a little. I had more shoes when I was an infant. Not to say that I'm into the whole mad men guys rule the world type of thing, but the way that during a war with limited fabrics such a leather and things to make colors and lots of patterns that they managed to look fabulous? Thats amazing. Designers such as Zac Posen, Lanvin, Francesco Scognamiglio, Karl Lagerfeld and Bottega Veneta recreated the styles for the fall 2009 season.

These are my favorites by Bogetta Veneta, Dolce and Gabanna and Karl Lagerfeld.

Hippier than you.

Rising in fashion these days are the boho/hippie look. Inspired by the great music festival Woodstock peoples bohemian side are coming out. Victoria Secret model Angel Lindvall doesn't label her self as a hippie but she's the only model alive who can have a serious disscusion about composting. With this the new movie Taking Woodstock is also coming out soon. I've tried and failed at bohemian style, but maybe with some practice I can get there one day.


Welcome people. I decided (was forced) to make a blog when Marsey (mylittledaintythings.blogspot.com) convinced me. I promise to keep up with this blog. At least I'll try, but heres a few things about me. I live on the Upper East Side in New York where I was born and raised, and it gets a little hectic but I won't change my life one bit. I love love love Chanel, especially vintage chanel. I like anything Marc Jacobs and I adore Balmain. Some other designers I like are Chloe, Herve Leger and Christian Loubition. My style changes daily but my favorite style is probably girly and dainty. I hope I'll be able to keep up with this blog and I hope everyone enjoys.