Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall Trends

With the fall and 80's styles coming back, so are denim jackets. Personally, I'm not exactly favorable about them... Like just jeans and a denim jacket? It looks like you got stuck in West Virginia 10 years back. Now I know that jeans and jean jackets were infact the intended way to wear them, but I like wearing them to sort of, dress DOWN an outfit, or accesorize an outfit when theres nothing else to do with it. Like, a cute top and a skirt, but you feel too generic so HERE throw on a jean jacket, I like the cropped ones too, they kinda go along with the fall/summer thing, so its not like your jumping too much into fall, even though I love fall. (MY BIRTHDAYY HELL YEAH)

Another fashion I like? Well, this isn't exactly a fall trend but more like a 2009 trend, but I adore zipper leggings/pants, I think they're hot and cute. I got some adorable ones at Henri Bendel and they had them in all different colors but I ADORE Balmains motorcross zipper pants, talk about hot. They're amazing. Now, I'd buy a bike JUST to wear those, okay. maybe I won't. Cause I can't ride a bike. But I can get a hot guy to drive it and I can hang on and be in the back and hang on :]
BUT I WON'T GET A TRAMP STAMP. Like most of those girls do. I hate those, when you get old it gets all soggy and nasty. haha. Anyways, what was I talking about?! OHH. FASHION! YES!

Hmm. I like vests alot this year. I think they'll be in. I like them because, like denim jackets they play up an outfit, make them cute and fun. And really. Thats all I have to say. haha

xo Aly

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